Cocktail of the week: Berenjak’s amber negroni – recipe

With the prevalence of negroni and white negroni on bar menus these days, we decided to look for something in between, and the extra tannin from the skin contact in the orange wine adds a lot in terms of texture to the end result.

Amber negroni
Serves 1

10ml gin – we use Tanqueray
15ml dry orange wine – we use Kisi Amber Wine from Georgia)
25ml Cocchi Americano (if you can’t get hold of that, use the more widely available Lillet instead)
5ml apricot brandy
5ml fino sherry
1 slice pink grapefruit, to garnish

Measure out all the liquids into a mixing glass, then fill with ice and stir to chill. Double strain into a chilled rocks glass, fill the glass with ice, garnish and serve.