Al Riveron: Will Fuller didn’t maintain control of the football

The Texans got as close as the Minnesota 5-yard line to have a chance at tying the Vikings. They needed a touchdown and a two-point conversion for a hope of sending it into overtime.

The Texans briefly thought they had the touchdown part of the equation on fourth down with 1:12 left.

Officials ruled Will Fuller‘s catch a touchdown, but after reviewing it, the league’s supervisor of officials decided Fuller didn’t maintain possession as the ball touched the ground as the Texans receiver went to the ground.

Since it was fourth down, the Vikings took over and ended the game with two kneel downs in victory formation. Minnesota won 31-23 in a battle of winless teams.

Al Riveron explained his decision in a pool report as well as on Twitter.

“The ruling on the field was that of a touchdown,” the NFL’s supervisor of officials said. “When we looked at it, the receiver is going to the ground. And if he is ruled as going to the ground, he must maintain control of the football after hitting the ground. And what he does is, the minute the football touches the ground, he loses control of the football. He does not maintain control. Therefore, we overturned it to an incomplete pass.”